Go somewhere else for sex tips! And don’t write tips in my ask. I ain’t no sex blog

Anonymous asked:
For your anon: As far as other basic tips go, finding a position where they aren't doing it at an awkward angle helps a lot (it also usually means they can go deeper), but also curling ones hand around the shaft and pumping it whilst you do it helps obviously, and if the hand is damp (lube/saliva/pre-cum whatever) then it adds to the feeling of the whole penis being enveloped, plus whilst maintaining suction running the tongue up and down is good. I can add to this if it helps at all!

Um yeah can you guys go to a sex blog for tips, this isn’t like a sex 101 blog…..

Anonymous asked:
So you just mentioned this topic so I figured it's a fine time to ask. How do you teach someone how to give good blowjobs? (besides the obvious: no teeth)

You can’t teach someone because other than common sense of what to do, each guy likes when you do different things so you have to play around and figure that out.

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